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Executive Program Strategic Design Management

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van 23/09/2011 tot 10/12/2011
Prof. Bart Van Looy
Prof. Brigitte Borja de Mozota
Kristel Dewulf
Prof. John Clarkson
Prof. Kathryn Best
Prof.dr. Nico Vandaele
Prof. Roberto Verganti

Strategic design management is gaining importance in many companies across the globe. Today, leading companies and universities are applying strategic design management every day. In Belgium, many companies are looking to introduce strategic design management. This requires a thorough, academic and experience-based training.
This post-academic program helps professionals to deepen their insights in design management in order to operate on a strategic level in their organization, and thus to implement and apply design organization-wide.


This program provides an intensive, residential training of several days and covers four 1,5 day sessions on Friday and Saturday mornings. The entire training is organized in the setting of an interactive process: renowned international top speakers will share their knowledge during the Friday sessions, with several Flemish business cases complementing the topics. The hands-on workshops on Saturday allow the participants to actually apply what they learned on Friday, with a focus on the personal working practice. This training program will provide all the basic ingredients to develop the necessary skills to start implementing strategic design management.


This executive program aims at everyone who is involved in design (management) professionally, who wishes to introduce design management into an organization, or who wants to develop himself/herself strategically.
Possible participants are managers, executives, R&D managers, innovation managers, production managers, marketing managers, design engineers, economists, design consultants, product developers, industrial designers, designers..


Meeting 1 - Strategic Design Management

23.09.11 An entire day of lectures and an interactive session by Brigitte Borja de Mozota
24.09.11 Interactive workshops

Prof. Brigitte Borja de Mozota
Director of research,Ecole Parsons à Paris /Paris College of Art , consultant/designence & one of her associated consultants
Managers and designers are strategists. They share some common skills like vision and systemic thinking. But most managers don’t know what design is. This seminar will define design management through the business viewpoint aiming at value creation. First understanding the three steps of strategic decision : definition, selection and implementation. Then discovering the different ways to define a strategy. Why and where can designers help entrepreneurs? What are the designer’s skills which are most strategic and why NOW? We will discuss how designers can act as facilitators of implementing strategic change. Design is a process, so it should be understood and managed together with other key processes such as brand, reputation, innovation, IT, or customer relationship. Finally, how do you measure the return on design investment? What are the Key Performance Indicators for design ? How do you develop a design capital through a dynamic view of your design ladder using our "designence" model ?

Meeting 2 - Design Thinking

21 - 22 October 2011 Full day session by Kathryn Best, Flemish cases and a closing lecture by Ramon Vullings on Friday, followed by interactive workshops on Saturday

Prof. Kathryn Best
Center for Cross Media, Brand, Reputation and Design Management (CBRD) at Inholland University of Applied Sciences.

Design Thinking as a tool for innovation and change

  • What is design thinking?
  • How can design thinking be applied to business, as a method to stimulate innovation and change?
  • And how can design thinking enable better adoption of design management processes and practices?

Ramon Vullings
New Shoes Today, road to creation, innovation and change

Sell your concepts, using visual tools.
How to enrich and present \'intangible concepts\' to convince colleagues and/or investors?

Meeting 3: Strategies for Design Management

25 - 26 November 2011 Full day interactive sessions by Roberto Verganti and Bart Van Looy on Friday, followed by interactive workshops on Saturday

Prof. Roberto Verganti
Professor of Management of Innovation, Politecnico di Milano and Chairman PROject Science

Design has the power to redefine the rules of competition on any industry. However, there are different ways through which companies can use design for innovation. After having discussed the connection between design and innovation strategies, the seminar will focus on two strategies for design management: user-centered design, targeted especially to incremental innovation, and design-driven innovation, targeted at radical change. The seminar will show how to implement those two strategies, by means of frameworks, cases, and teamwork exercises.

Prof. Bart Van Looy
Managerial Economics, strategy and innovation, Faculty of Business and Economics, Research Division INCENTIM, K.U.Leuven, School of Management and Governance, University of Twente, Expertisecentrum O&O Monitoring (ECOOM)

Bart Van Looy will introduce the work of Toberto Verganti by providing a brief, historical, overview of how we have been thinking about innovation (on the firm level) and explore why arts and design (should) move to the center of the stage.

Meeting 4: Decision making for Design Management

9 - 10 December 2011 Lectures, exercises and hands-on sessions by John Clarkson, Nico Vandaele and Kristel Dewulf, illustrated with some Flemish cases

Prof. John Clarkson
Director, Cambridge Engineering Design Centre

The lecture will (1) provide reflections on current practice from 15 years of researching engineering design with a number of world class companies, describing what we have learned and what we would still like to know; and (2) outline a recent project to elicit a research roadmap with the assistance of a group of European partner companies, describing what they would like to know.

Prof. Nico Vandaele
Full Professor of Operations Research and Operations Management, Research Center for Operations Management, Faculty of Business and Economics K.U.Leuven

Prof. Nico Vandaele will review a useful methodology and decision support system for strategic R&D portfolio management. The method will be illustrated with hands-on exercises completed with examples from Flemish companies.

Kristel Dewulf
PhD research at Delft University of Technology, Industrial Design Engineer - Sustainable Design at HoWest - University College of West-Flanders, Belgian Liaison at 02 - Global Network for Sustainable Design

Integrating sustainability into the strategic phase of an innovation process: tools & methods

About Brigitte
Brigitte Borja de Mozota ,PhD, is a pioneer of design management who founded the first Master program on design management and wrote the first book on the subject in France ,regularly updated and translated in ten languages. An internationally respected researcher with long industry experience, she has been a member of the Board of Advisors of the Design Management Institute in Boston in charge of research and is DMI Life Fellow since 2004 . She has written numerous articles about design management and organized conferences on the subject for more than twenty years, including the DMI Academic Forum. She now teaches design, marketing, innovation and strategy at the Université Paris Ouest and design management at the prestigious ESSEC Business school. She is currently director of research in Ecole Parsons à Paris and works for companies on "Design Thinking" innovation programs.
Quote: Apart from a good return on investment, various studies have proved the impact of design on sales margin and perceived value. Design is essential to the success to a firm’s innovation and brand policies.

About Kathryn
Kathryn Best has been in the design business for 20 years (architecture, interiors and brand consultancy with Wolff Olins, HOK, Starbucks and Orange) and now consults and lectures in industry and academia on design management and the creative industries. She is author of two books, Design Management: Managing Design Strategy, Process & Implementation’’ (AVA 2006, now in 10 languages) and The Fundamentals of Design Management’’ (AVA 2010).Kathryn contributes regularly to events, awards, publications and government design initiatives. She is currently head of the research group Cross-media, Brand, Reputation and Design Management (CBRD) at Inholland University of Applied Sciences, a Member of Design Management Europe, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

About Roberto
Roberto Verganti is professor of the management of innovation at Politecnico di Milano and a member of the board of the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management. He has served as an executive advisor, coach and educator at a variety of firms, including Ferrari, Ducati, Whirlpool, Xerox, Samsung, Hewlett-Packard, Barilla, Nestlé, STMicroelectronics, and Intuit.

About John
John Clarkson returned to the Cambridge Engineering Design Centre in 1995 following a seven-year spell with PA Consulting Group\'s Technology Division where he was Manager of the Advanced Process Group. He was appointed director of the Engineering Design Centre in 1997 and a University Professor in 2004. John is directly involved in the teaching of design at all levels of the undergraduate course.
At PA John gained wide experience of product development with a particular focus on the design of medical equipment and high-integrity systems, where clients required a risk-based systems approach to design to ensure timely delivery of safe systems. His research interests are in the general area of engineering design, particularly the development of design methodologies to address specific design issues, for example, process management, change management, healthcare design and inclusive design. As well as publishing over 450 papers, he has written and edited a number of books on medical equipment design and inclusive design.


This training program is organized by the Service Post-academic Education Kulak, Flanders InShape and Howest, University College West-Flanders.


Dates: 2011, September 23rd and 24th - October, 21st and 22nd - November 25th and 26th - December 9th and 10th

Residential formula: This residential training program covers 4 weekends and starts each weekend Friday morning at 10.00 a.m. and ends on Saturday at 12 noon. Diner is provided on Friday evenings, followed by a networking moment and an overnight stay.
The meetings take place in the Irish College - the Louvain Institute for Ireland in Europe - Jansenstraat 1 - 3000 Louvain (Leuven).

Registration: The registration fee amounts to 3.900 euros, syllabus (incl. books of the international speakers), meals and stays included.
You can register by sending back the completed registration form, before September 8, 2011. To ensure the quality of the coaching and of the interactive workshops, maximum 20 registrations are accepted. The registrations are recorded in the order in which we receive them. Shortly before the start of the training, you will receive a confirmation email of your registration.
In case of cancellation before the final registration date, 10% of the registration fee will be taken into account for the administrative costs. In case of cancellation after September 8, 2011, the entire sum of the training must be paid. Only cancellations in writing are accepted.
As a training institution recognized by the Flemish Government, we accept training checks from employers and payments via the SME portfolio. Save up to 50% on the participation costs (catering and accommodation are not included). Please contact us for more information.

Certificate of participation after the program the participants receive a certificate of participation, awarded by the University K.U.Leuven Kulak, as academic confirmation of their active participation in this training.